Read Stuart’s Story

One day I just happened upon B. Garbo as I was shopping to Rue de Turenne.  Something about the way store was designed and the quality of the merchandise, which I could see through the window, drew me into the store.

I needed new shirts and I was hoping to find something more European than the traditional fit of American shirts. As I was a newly minted Parisian from New York, I need to begin to look the part.  When I tried on the size samples, I knew right away that something was different with the cut of the B. Garbo shirts. Finally I had found something that fit my frame, i.e., wide shoulders that taper down to my waist.  No longer would I wear shirts that fit me like a sail attached to the mainmast on a schooner, flapping loosely on the wind of the high seas.

The B. Garbo shirts fit me like no others I have found.  They accent my athletic form without making me feel constricted or uncomfortable. That’s why each year I buy a few more so that the latest styles sync with the best fit for tall thin men I have found.

I highly recommend them.