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Who is The B. Garbo Man?

Completely French.
Completely Himself.

So much in life is about attitude and comportment.  How we approach our challenges and our successes, how we carry ourselves with the twists and turns that life will inevitably take.


The B. Garbo has confidence, savoir-faire, grace and a sense of his own self worth and his clothes demonstrate it.  For him, one rule governs all the others. Wear what works best.  Whether it’s a classic style with elements of panache or a totally unique approach with hints of popular modes, the B. Garbo Man knows quality, he understands style and he enjoys the form to wear them well.


At B. Garbo we offer clothes with this man in mind.  We understand his sensibilities and we work hard every day to earn his trust and his business.


“In matters of principle stand like a rock against the stream.  In matters of taste, swim with the current.”
Thomas Jefferson in Paris.


We ask you one question:  Can you wear it?

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