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The Gaillardin Family

A father and his son.

Now their family.

In 2006, Joël Gaillardin, with nearly 25 years of experience in large French ready-to-wear organizations, bought the shirt manufacturer, Bernard Garbo with his son Alexandre.

Immediately Father and son infused into the business, now a retail store, their own philosophy:  Offer men a quality, timeless product while allowing them to dress at the manufacturer’s price.

In 2009, now under the full leadership of Alexandre, the brand becomes B. Garbo and begins to diversify and modernize its offerings. Father and son working together, and dealing directly with manufactures in factories, create men’s sportswear clothing line.  Their position as both brand and fabricator allow them an unique overview of tastes and styles specifically their own.

In 2010 Marie, the younger sister joined the family business after 8 years with in a large Italian luxury brand.

In 2014 it was the brother Paul-Valery’s turn to join the company after having been a craftsman.

Today, both of them join together with their brother to enrich the brand with their know-how and expertises.

Altogether B. Garbo has a strong family identity, which been developing since its inception with the aim of establishing close relationships with its customers. Every aspect of the organization is looked after as a family affair.  The family prides itself on hospitality, style counsel and the desire to give customers a unique in-store experience in every B. Garbo store.

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