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Our Philosophy

Style. Quality. Fit.
Elegance without effort.

These three words are our goal and our promise to our clients. Along with our premier client service and personal counsel, they are what make us unique and inspire us to create our collections.

We draw our inspiration from classical English and Italian styles, the fathers of masculine elegance. We bring to them a touch of nonchalance, playing with trends, materials and shapes to compose a casual and urban-chic style for effortless elegance. This range of choices allows our customers to create their own identities in their everyday lives.

This “play” between classicism and modernity is at the heart of our collections. Our clothes are made for men according to their time. They seek the purity of the great materials and the subtlety of sleek lines, and an attendant touch of panache. They know the codes of masculine elegance, but are not slaves to them. They play with them for a resolutely French style!

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